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Case Study 2: Turning A Story Into A Brand

Maria Facebook Profile Photo of Jeleszinha's Journey case study
Jumpstart With Jeles case study photo

When Maria lost 130 pounds in 10 months while on keto, she started to get questions. She decided that she wanted to share her story and, having a background in cooking, she also wanted to share her favorite keto recipes. 

But she needed a little help. 

That's where Cloud Media Marketing comes in. Over the course of a year, Maria was able to lose 130 pounds. Over the course of the second year, she was able to grow a Facebook page and a Facebook group to over 5,000 followers and inspired hundreds of people to lose weight the way she did. 

Kayleigh, Owner of Cloud Media Marketing, worked with Maria to take photos, create branding, manage the Facebook page and group, create a simple website, and create merchandise including notebooks and cookbooks that are sold through Amazon direct publishing. 

Additionally, Kayleigh worked with Maria to put on a weekly Facebook Live series each Thursday evening where viewers were treated to a personal cooking lesson as she whipped up one of her favorite meals. 

Once Facebook started allowing stars to be donated to creators, this became another revenue stream for Jeleszinhas Journey. 


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