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Case Study 3: Using A LinkedIn Video Challenge To Grow A Network

case study image of Kayleigh and the 100 Day LinkedIn video challenge

When Kayleigh launched Cloud Media Marketing full time in 2021, she knew she needed a way to gain some attention (aka marketing). As a social media consultant, it was only fitting to focus on social media to grow. 

She decided to challenge herself with a 100 day video challenge. To make it easy enough to keep up, she knew it had to be simple and not to worry on perfection. 

That is why she decided each video would be two to four minutes long and be shot in one take. Most of the videos were shot in her car or in her home and each one was highly focused on a very specific topic that had to do with marketing and social media. 

After 100 days, Kayleigh had grown her following by a few hundred people, had received requests for interviews from local podcasts, received new LinkedIn connection requests, and was asked to meet with local businesses for work. 

After 100 days, Kayleigh stopped doing the videos every day, but continues to publish videos on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook to share her knowledge, generate leads, and drive traffic to her website. 


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