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Feed Your Feed

* Daily Challenges

* Emails full of content * Instructional videos * Free resources


Basic Plan

With the basic plan, you will receive a weekly email that includes the week's daily challenges and action. Then you will receive the daily challenges and the weekly action via email each day. 

A video library will be available on the website and certain videos are sent along with the emails if they are helpful to the challenge. 

Pro Plan

Everything that is included in the Basic Plan. 

In addition, you will also receive biweekly emails that include pre-built content to use if you choose. The content library will be available to Pro Plan and Premium Plan subscribers on the website. 

You will also have access to customer support in the private forum online. 

Ask for more

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Premium Plan

Everything that is included in the Basic Plan and the Pro Plan. 

In addition, you will also receive additional marketing resources that include tools that you can use to improve your business, content, and marketing efforts. 

You will also receive random audits by Feedable. Kayleigh will take a look at your feeds and send you feedback that will help you improve your content. This might include suggestions on how to tweak certain kinds of posts or could be suggestions on what else you might try posting.

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