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If we both agree that we are a good fit, a contract will be written up and we will make a plan.

Choose this option if you need short term or project work.

This is the most common package that includes a 6-month contract and a wider array of types of work.

This package is the most comprehensive and long-term. Only a few slots are available. This is the best option if you want someone on your team but not fulltime staff.

The first part of the process is gathering information and making sure CMM has access to everything needed.

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My Business, Cloud Media Marketing, LLC, starts by looking at your entire digital footprint from social media, to your website, to Google Business, to review sites, and SEO. Once we have a clear picture of your digital landscape, I like to focus on a content-driven (inbound) approach where I help create content on your website and social media. I also have a focus on local marketing since most of my clients are local small businesses.