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Session 9: Using Canva to Quickly Create A Month's Worth of Social Media Content


Step 1. Brainstorm content ideas for the next 30 days. Use a master calendar of holidays you always want to post about, any upcoming events or promotions you will be running, and then start to dive into more "general" content like quotes or tips. 

Step 2. On Canva, pick the Social Media template or Facebook (Landscape). 

Step 3: Create your posts. 


Step 4: In Canva Pro, you can hit the Resize button to copy and resize all of your posts into Instagram Story templates or any other sizes you want. Just remember to do the tweaking necessary. 


Step 5 (bonus): If you have Canva Pro, you can use the Planner to schedule your posts to your social media platforms. Otherwise, you can use Meta Suite to schedule Facebook and Instagram and a third-party program like Later, Buffer, Hootsuite, or Sprout Social to schedule posts. 

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