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How Can A Drink Help Your Business Grow?

Q: How can a drink help grow your business?

A: By building relationships. People buy from people. Have you been connected to someone on LinkedIn for 2 years but haven't seen them since you first met? Maybe it's time to reach out and utilize that contact list.

Use social media in conjunction with your live interactions with people. It shouldn't be one or the other. Your real world conversations and connections can be strengthened over time by staying in front of your connections by showing up on their newsfeeds.

After meeting someone, connect with them on LinkedIn and/or another social media site like Facebook.

Here are some action items you can do right now to connect with someone:

1. Reach out to a connection you have not spoken to in awhile on LinkedIn and ask him or her to grab a coffee and catch up.

2. Go to an event you might not otherwise have gone to and see who you run into. There are tons of events coming up if you know where to look.

3. Start a conversation on LinkedIn in a Group that you are a part of and see if there is anyone you might want to meet up with.

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