Live Casting Events

Running an event can be overwhelming. Over the past couple of years and being a part of a couple dozen events, Cloud Media Marketing's owner, Kayleigh, can attest to that. She has overseen monthly networking events, large galas, and multiple fundraising events.

With everything that goes into the actual event, there is very little time or energy available to live tweeting. It might be time to consider letting a professional handle the social media for you. That's right, you can now hire Cloud Media Marketing to live tweet your next event!

But, why even bother livecasting? It sounds like a waste of time. My attendees aren't even on social media at the event. These are just some of the excuses people use for not live casting or posting to social media sites during their events.

Consider this: Social media is becoming more and more ingrained in our everyday lives. People are turning to their news feeds for updates and information more and more often. You do not know if your attendees are on twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or any other social site. Take a look around during either your next event or the next one you attend and notice how many people are on their phones at any given time.

By creating a unique #hashtag well enough in advance and including it on all marketing material, including promotional tweets, attendees will know how to interact with you during the event.

Now, here are some examples of how people are using social media everyday while attending events around the country and the world:

  • Interacting with event staff to ask questions and get information. A Facebook Group can be a great communication tool during events

  • Stay alert to any changes in scheduling or attraction

  • Before people arrive, or just as they are arriving to events, they check the event's social media to find out about parking, last minute ticket information, or to find a map/guide

  • People who attended the event are also likely to post about it online after the event is over. They will post photos, reviews, and share what they learned with their followers.