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How Conversations Spark Content Ideas

I just met with a client. I have worked with this client in the past on smaller projects, but now we are ready to make the commitment to social media.

Each day from the time we booked the appointment to the time we met, I agonized over what sort of social media posts I would be able to come up with for them. The business is not one that is very visual and I am not too familiar with their services.

Something magical happens when I sit with a client and have a conversation. As I hear what they are saying, I start to figure out how those words can be translated into social media posts.

By the end of the meeting with said client, I had a long list of possible posts and a few action items to get us started. I went from wondering if I was going to be able to help to knowing exactly what I had to do.

That is why I created my Conversations To Content program in 2016, which I have rolled into my new program, but is still available if you want to sit down and chat. We talk, I take notes, and then I send you a list of potential posts that you can use on your social media channels. This is a very inexpensive way to talk one on one with a social media consultant.


Mention this post and get half off. Regular price for 30 minute(ish) chat: $40. For you, $20!

Conversations To Content

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