4 Steps You Can Take Right Now To Organically Grow Your Instagram Account

It does take some work, but it’s worth it

First, a note on why you would want to grow your Instagram account. Having more followers does not necessarily mean anything. Of course, it does feel good to gain more fans and if you are using Instagram to sell a product, having a larger audience on Instagram can lead to more sales.

More important than the number of followers, however, is the level of engagement. Inst

agram, like other social media platforms, is just that, a SOCIAL platform. If all you do is post a photo and then leave, you are doing it wrong! Like, comment, and be a part of a community along with your followers to get the most out of your Instagram account.

One more quick note: Sometimes I will use my account as an example. My Instagram name is @NeedleFeltedFuzzies, which is where I post images of my needle felting work. Needle felting is a craft where you take wool roving and turn it into 3D sculptures.