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4 Steps You Can Take Right Now To Organically Grow Your Instagram Account

It does take some work, but it’s worth it

First, a note on why you would want to grow your Instagram account. Having more followers does not necessarily mean anything. Of course, it does feel good to gain more fans and if you are using Instagram to sell a product, having a larger audience on Instagram can lead to more sales.

More important than the number of followers, however, is the level of engagement. Inst

agram, like other social media platforms, is just that, a SOCIAL platform. If all you do is post a photo and then leave, you are doing it wrong! Like, comment, and be a part of a community along with your followers to get the most out of your Instagram account.

One more quick note: Sometimes I will use my account as an example. My Instagram name is @NeedleFeltedFuzzies, which is where I post images of my needle felting work. Needle felting is a craft where you take wool roving and turn it into 3D sculptures.


Give hearts to 100+ photos a day. Pick a hashtag and tap away. However, only give hearts to photos that you actually like. Use the RECENT tab instead of the TOP tab to see active accounts and you will be more likely to be seen by the poster. If you have a retail or location based account, search for location based tags and use the PLACES tab in the search options.


Post at least once a day, especially in the beginning. Once every other day minimum if you can. Use hashtags. Start with obvious tags and keep an eye on the autofill suggestions. When I start typing #felt, similar tags like #felttoy and #feltart also show up with a count of how many times the tag has been used. As I looked and liked other needle felted images, I checked to see what hashags they were using. That’s how I found #fiberartist and a few others that have been helpful at attracting likes and followers.


Try searching for similar accounts to see what comes up. For my account, I wanted to see other needle felting images, so I searched for needlefelting, needle felted, felt, felt art, etc. Then broaden your search. For me, that included handmade, craft, gratitude, etc. As you find accounts you like, follow them and give their posts some love by double tapping and commenting.


Hearts are good, but comments are great. You know how good it feels when you get a comment. If you really like something, let the poster know! This is where emojis can really come in handy. Since my account features foxes, I leave a comment on posts that feature foxes. Most of the time the comment is simple, a heart eyes smiley and a foxhead emoji 😍🦊. This works even for those accounts in other languages.

Growing your Instagram account should be fun and rewarding. If you follow these steps, you will see a steady stream of new followers and lots of love flow your way. Instagraming will be something you enjoy rather than a chore that you feel you need to do each day.

Happy Instagraming!

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