Why you should post photos of your business on your Google Listing and How to get Google Reviews

The number 1 reason why to post photos on Google? Views!

Sugar Factory Coffee pic on Google

I posted this review of Sugar Factory a year and a half ago and then forgot about it. Now it has over 61,700 views. Granted this is for a popular venue at Foxwoods Casino, but scrolling through my other reviews, I can see they all have lots of views.

You can post your own photos for your business on Google through what they call your Google Business Listing. It's that box that pops up when you Google your business name.

Posting directly to Google is going to the source of search. Giving information directly to Google means it has the ability to control the content and will be more likely to share your content with users.

Do you have something that your customers can photograph and share? Make it easy for them to do so and them give them a gentle reminder that every review on Google helps!

This is easier for stores and product based businesses, but service businesses can find a way to get people sharing. For example, one of my clients has a top hat that he keeps in his office. This top hat was the inspiration for his logo and people comment on it all the time. They could take a photo with the client at the signing of a deal, which the client could then share on their Facebook and on a Google review since they had a fantastic experience.

I have also seen murals that are painted on the sides of buildings where people love to have their picture taken.