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​​​​ Kayleigh | Cloud Media Marketing | Connecticut | 2015 - 2020

Cloud Media Marketing focuses specifically on small businesses.
Cloud Media Marketing fills the gap between doing it all yourself and outsourcing it all to an expensive third party company. 
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Feedable is a social media content subscription service offered exclusively by Cloud Media Marketing, LLC.

Sign up and receive daily challenges, weekly actions, and so much more! 
"I want to make social media fun and easy for everyone."
- Kayleigh Mihalko

You need content for your social media. But what do you post? To where? And when? Introducing FEEDABLE, the social media system that gives you content and helps you develop your own. We do 90% of the work for you. 


Cloud Media Marketing will work one on one with you and your company to zero in on the types of content you should be posting. We will also help teach you how to use social media. Each business is unique and we know it!

Basic Website Design

Having a useful website that is easy to use on all devices is necessary, not just nice to have these days, especially for small businesses. If you don't have one or if your's hasn't been updated for mobile, we are here to help.