Meet Kayleigh Mihalko, Owner of Cloud Media Marketing



What do I want to do with this business? My mission is to give you the understanding and skills you need to be able to be comfortable with social media and mobile technology. If you just don't want to do it on your own, I want to do it for you.


For the individual, the goal is to become familiar with the various platforms and learn how to use them.

For the small business owner, the goal is to understand and be able to leverage social media and digital tools to reach your  goals. Everything we will work on focuses on the question, “I have a [Facebook] page, now what?”

There are companies out there that will set up all of your accounts and post on your behalf. What I have learned is that many (if not most) small businesses want to keep the control and do not want someone who is not a part of their business to speak directly to their customers. The problem is that these small businesses are busy doing what they are good at and do not have the time or the skills to be able to keep up with social media.


Here is a little bit more about me:

I have been an active social media user and blogger for over fifteen years, starting with Facebook and MySpace. I have been a professional blogger and an admin on dozens of Facebook Pages. I have also created thousands of pieces of content (edited photos, infographics, Facebook cover photos, event flyers, etc) for a variety of social media campaigns and events.

In 2016, I was named a Fairfield County 40 Under 40. In 2014, I was awarded a Volunteer Appreciation award from the Seymour Historical Society and was one of the four Honorees of Women Making A Difference In The Valley. I am a 2013 graduate of the Leadership Greater Valley Program, and I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing from Southern CT State University.

I love working with the local community and happily serve on a few boards in addition to being a member of networking groups like Authentic Connections, Women In Networking, and Valley Council. I am honored to work with Valley United Way and the Greater Valley Chamber of Commerce. 


Kayleigh Mihalko
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