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Wouldn't it be amazing if there was someplace where you could go at a set time and date, like a spin class, but where you could focus on your business marketing? 

What if you could learn content marketing, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, Google Business, how to get reviews, and all things digital marketing


have dedicated time to work on these tasks with someone guiding you to what is best for your business? 

If you want to improve your bottom line without spending a fortune or trusting an expensive stranger


 Membership includes...

* Dedicated time to work on your marketing efforts


* Personal training

* Instructional videos

* Free resources

* Membership networking

* And so much more!

This is your kick in the marketing!

Want to learn more? Get alerts and news.  

What is Stratus Marketing Group?

What? A monthly membership workshop. Think of it like a gym membership for your business.

Who can join? Any small business owner or marketing representative who wants to learn and do the work.

Why join? If you "don't have time" for marketing or if you get overwhelmed with everything you know that you don't know about SEO, social media, blogging, content marketing, networking, and local marketing, this membership is the marketing kick in the butt you need!

Want to learn more before joining? 

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