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Case Study 5: TV Show For Seymour Historical Society

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Project: Create a TV show for Seymour Historical Society
Date: 2017-Present

Kayleigh joined the board of the Seymour Historical Society around 2013. In 2017, the board set up a new strategic plan which included capturing the stories of lifelong citizens.


Originally the plan was to have interviews with them and keep notes. Kayleigh had another idea. 

"Let's do a TV show!" She said. Kayleigh had taken a 16-week video production course and had the skills to capture and edit video.


So she took on the initiative and started filming. Other board members worked on booking interviews, but it was Kayleigh who did the filming, directing, and editing of the videos. They can be viewed now on YouTube

The project has ramped down but as part of her board service, Kayleigh still puts videos together from time to time. 

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