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Conversations 2 Content

Conversations to Content (C2C). Step 1, schedule a call. Step 2, have a conversation. Step 3, follow up with content ideas

Have you ever sat down to finally write that blog post or to work on your social media and realized you have no idea what to say?
Do you know that you need to figure out your social media/e-marketing strategy, but you can't figure our where to start?
Do you need a new way of thinking about your business and how to present it to your potential customers while also adding value to your existing customer base?

CMM has the answer! Conversations to Content (C2C)  

What is C2C? It is a guided conversation with Kayleigh that results in a list of customized content that you can use to generate new content on any and all platforms you are already using. 

How does it work? It's as easy as 1,2,3. 

1. Pick a day and time to have a conversation. 

2. Have a conversation. Kayleigh will help guide the talk in order to really understand the goal and create useful and engaging content. 

3. Receive your list and start posting! After each conversation, Kayleigh will send you a list of potential post ideas.

Additional information. If you have a question about anything that was discussed during the chat or if you would like some assistance creating the content, just ask.
Call, email, message, or connect with Kayleigh and she will be more than happy to help out at no additional cost. If you would prefer to have some of the content created for you, ask about the content creation options. 

You get an inspiring conversation, a list of content to use, and tools to create more content, all for the one low price. How much would expect to pay for this? $100? $50? How about just $25 for your first session!


To set up a C2C session, call (475) 400-1407 or fill out the contact form on the Contact page (click here)

Content Examples

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