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Live stream promo image - camera and lights setup for Facebook live
CMM can be your Facebook Live producer!
I can take on just 1 or maybe 2 new clients, so contact me now!
What does a live producer do?


Good question. I will bring lights, cameras, screens, and all the other equipment that I need. You set up what you want to do in front of the camera, and I will be behind the camera. I will answer viewer questions, post polls and questions, and let you know any follow up. There's more that goes into it, so I would be happy to chat with you about your Live goals.

Why go live? Another great question!


Facebook live streams drive sales, build engagement, further your "reach", and build relationships with your customers, especially during this time of social distancing.

Send me a message to get started!

Video Production

You know you need video content

- Welcome videos

- Product videos

- Storefront and interior tour videos

CMM can videos from under 10 seconds to 3 minutes for a low charge of just $500. That includes

1. On site video capture

2. Help with script development

3. Editing

4. Sharing & distributing

*extra charges might be incurred if music or images are used that are not royalty-free.

Click this button to watch a sample video made for a client in Seymour, CT.

Video Production ad. Welcome video, explainer video, business tour video
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