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Goals for 2016

Here at Cloud Media Marketing, I have a few business goals for the second year. I hope that making them public will help me stick to them, I hope to inspire others, anthis will be a place to reference the goals from any device at any time.

Goal 1

Start a vlog and post videos at least once a week. So far, I have created 2 in 2 weeks and have posted them just on Facebook. Once there are a few more, I will...

Goal 2

Launch a YouTube channel and really get more involved in this ever changing social media site. Consider doing a regular show and/or livecast on Periscope.

Goal 3

Host more talks and classes. Speak to organization and non-profit boards during their meetings and partner with local adult education centers to hold classes.

All of these goals will help to achieve the mission of making social media and online marketing fun and easy for everyone.


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