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Instagram Chat Notes

Instagram Chat Notes 1/25/2017

For those who attended the Instagram Chat, here are the notes based on what we discussed. If you missed the chat, or would like to attend a social media chat in the future, make sure to sign up for the newsletter and check the Events section.

Instagram “hacks”

  1. Post a photo with all the filters and hashtags you want. Then, click the triple dots icon at the top right of the image and tap Share. Edit the description and remove the hashtags. Tap Facebook and then the checkmark to share on Facebook without the clutter!

  2. As you are editing, tap and hold the photo to see the original.

Selling on Instagram

InSelly (Instagram marketplace)


Soldsie (sell through comments)

Like2Buy (see Nordstrom)

Instagramers to Follow

Kayleighs_Cloud ReLove

Nordstrom (Like2Buy)

Whole Foods

(Bigboytrivia) - good content

Action Steps

Post quality content

Post often

Tag others

Use hashtags – follow others in your industry, use, see what else comes up autofill

Try stories Cross promote your Instagram username on other social networks and marketing material

Finding Hashtags


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