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What to post when you don't know what to post (by industry)

Over the course of a work week, I ran a campaign on Facebook, which I am now re-purposing here on the CMM blog. Each post of this campaign covered three industries and I quickly listed a few topics that someone in that industry could post about on their social media pages. Here is the complete list of 15 types of businesses and what they could post about:

Monday If you are a clothing store, share posts about how to wear your clothes (mix prints, match with shoes, etc)

If you are a restaurant, share posts about what to order for lunch or dinner, what wine to pair with each dish, show pics of your food being made to show freshness, etc.

If you are an insurance agent, share posts about how insurance helped your clients with stories (change names), share a simple formula that helps them decide what type of insurance they need, or suggest times when they might need to talk to a rep (like you!)

Tuesday If you are a social group, share posts photos of your meetings, quotes from attendees, reasons to join, and make sure to share your events on your page and on local group pages.

If you are a small boutique shop, share posts about your business hours and where to park, photos of items for sale, stories about how you helped a customer find just the right gift, items that are on sale, and special events taking place in store.

If you are a musician, share posts of performances, do Facebook Live!, show your personality on and off stage, lyric quotes, the meaning behind some lyrics, and of course, concert dates and events.


If you are a coffee shop, share posts about where you get your coffee, the differences between types of coffee (latte, cappuccino, etc.), your hours and where to park, different flavor combinations, and tidbits about the history and culture of coffee.

If you are an annual or recurring event, share posts throughout the year to keep your page active and your reach high, do throwback Thursday photos from the event, share your mission, and tell stories about your attendees.

If you are a bank or in finance, share posts about ways to save money, when it's time to speak to someone about money, the difference services you offer, and show your personality through images and videos.

Thursday If you are a pet groomer, share posts of before and after grooming (with the pet's parent's permission, of course), tips and tricks for dog owners or other pet owners, and photos of pet grooming competitions with their extravagant cuts and colors.

If you are a bakery, share photos of your offerings (try flat laying for a modern eye catching effect. Google it), make sure you post reminders of your hours regularly, and share the history of a specific pastry and how you make it unique.

If you are car wash, share posts of before and after a car is cleaned, ways to know it is time for a car wash or detailing, tips on car organization to help it stay clean inside and out, and share information on the effects of different chemicals on cars (salt in the winter).


If you are a movie theater, share posts of reviews that the current movies are receiving, quotes from the movies, throwback movie images, and any tips or tricks movie goers should know (pour milk duds into the popcorn)

If you are a hairdresser or nail salon, share quick videos on how to use the products you sell at home between visits, what styles work with what type of shapes, and trends in the industry.

If you are a social media marketer, share posts about what to post in various industries, tips on how to use social media sites, and ways to make social media easier for everyone to use!

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